Huma Admin Dashboard PRO

Premium Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template

Huma Admin Dashboard PRO is a beautifully crafted user interface for modern Business Admin Web Applications:

  • — Customer Relationship Management (CRM Admin Dashboard)
  • — Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP Admin Dashboard)
  • — Human Resources (HR Dashboard)
  • — Content Management System (CMS Admin Dashboard)
  • — Project Management, Tasks, eCommerce, Messaging, Account Management and more
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  • Bootstrap 4 — Built with the latest stable version of Bootstrap 4
  • 10 Dashboards — PRO Business Admin Dashboards
  • Free Updates — Free lifetime updates including features and bug fixes
  • Great Kick-Starter — Start coding your application logic right away
  • Components - 100x Components for Business apps
  • RTL Optimized — right-to-left text direction just as good as left-to-right

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